Best Time to Visit Kolkata for a Fun-Filled Getaway


Beauty of festivals, aroma of milk made sweet preparations and sound from the bustling markets; such emotions truly define Kolkata. The early morning chatter in the flower market to the vintage buses and Kaali-peeli taxes taking over the streets, Kolkata is no less than an emotion of glee. It is the fusion of historic vibes that old school textbooks give.

As the city dances on the rhythm of traditional songs and sings with the alchemy of nature, it is vital to step on this land during its glory. So, here is your guide to considering the best time to visit Kolkata to make the most out of your holidays. At the end, what you take home are emotions, the little moments and the unheard voices from within!

Best Time to Visit Kolkata

Winter Season in Kolkata (October to February)

The culturally rich city of Kolkata experiences heavy tourism due to its significantly important festivals. Since it experiences a tropical climate, the best months to visit Kolkata are between October to February.

Winter begins in the month of October and you can finally find some relief from the rainfall. Moreover, the temperature remains pleasant thereby elevating your holiday experience. You may also love to adore your woollens as temperature might be as low as 13°C during the coldest months.

What’s interesting? Kolkata comes to life with so many celebrations occurring in the winter season. When in Kolkata, you cannot miss the massive celebrations during Durga Puja and other prominent festivals. Since the festival of Navratri falls between these months, you can find various pandals with enormous decorations and melodious aartis everyday. Apart from this, even Christmas is celebrated with absolute joy and lighting in the city. If you are planning to visit the city, make sure to book Treebo Kolkata hotels

 for a budget-friendly stay.

You may also find many fairs and events hosted by the locals allowing you to explore the cuisine here. These fairs also have various stalls dedicated to selling handmade products, handicrafts and idols of different deities. That’s definitely a worthy one to attend! Even the markets in Kolkata are filled with fresh and organic vegetables and fruits thereby allowing you to take home something authentic.

5 Best Places to Visit During Winters

  1. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is a temple complex dedicated to Laksmi-Narayan. As the winter approaches, cool breeze flows by the temple allowing you to experience serenity fused with spirituality. Make sure to book Treebo hotels in Kolkata for a joyful time.

  1. Maidan

Maidan is a large park located in the central area of the city. It holds historical prominence as the ground was once used by British officers. Winter allows trees and flora to bloom turning the place into a heavenly destination.

  1. M.P. Birla Planetarium

Experiencing something different during winters is indeed exciting. M.P. Birla Planetarium offers a surreal universe viewing experience with a dome shaped theatre. You can also browse through various exhibits here.

  1. Zoological Park

Wild animals, birds and the entire ecosystem enjoys the winter weather. Zoological Park offers an exciting opportunity to witness tigers, lions and elephants in their complete joy. It is also dedicated to various reptiles and avifauna.

  1. Sundarbans

Sundarbans is a thick forested area located a few kilometers away from Kolkata. After a heavy monsoon, the entire forest turns into a green landscape with a fresh smell of the soil. Even the animals and flora bloom during this time.

Summer Season in Kolkata (March to June)

Just like many other cities, Kolkata experiences extreme temperatures. Summers are relatively hot and that might not be the most comfortable time to explore the best of Kolkata. Moreover, some of the tourist places including gardens and water bodies are not advised due to heavy sunlight during the noon time. The temperature during summers may reach up to 40°C making it a struggle for residents. If at all you plan to travel, book affordable hotels in Kolkata that have access to top-notch air-conditioning systems.

Monsoon Season in Kolkata (July to September)

As the weather gets cloudy, the residents can finally be happy to welcome rains in Kolkata. Strong gusts of wind and thunderstorms mark the beginning of a new season leading to many other changes in the city. The monsoon rains play a crucial role in replenishing water bodies and maintaining the region’s agricultural productivity. Apart from this, the temperature gets comfortable and might drop to 22°C with cooler nights.

The touch of freshness makes it yet another best time to visit Kolkata. If you are comfortable with sitting in a Kaali-peeli taxi and coming out with a vintage umbrella to explore the city, nothing can stop you! The cool ambience creates a sense of relief in locals and you can see them enjoying their everyday life. However, make sure to book Treebo Kolkata hotels well in advance for a pocket friendly accommodation.

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Now that you have learnt everything about the seasonal changes, temperature and climate conditions, plan your holidays accordingly. Kolkata indeed has a lot for you during the right season!


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