Enjoying Time With The Elephants When You Visit Thailand

When you visit Thailand, no visit is complete without experiencing the majestic beauty of the national animal, the elephant. These animals were previously used in the logging industry, which was banned in 1989, and since then, they have become a tourist attraction in Thailand. You will need to ensure that you visit an ethical elephant conservation center; Thailand has many, so you can rest assured the animals are treated well. Below are some things you can enjoy when visiting places like this in Thailand, which will help to make many special memories of your time in the Land of Smiles.

Lean All About These Beautiful Animals

Many places in Thailand you visit that have elephants want to educate tourists about these animals and stop them from visiting unethical animal parks. Most ethical parks will not allow you to ride the elephants, but there are other ways you can interact with them. The guides at the park will tell you the history of elephants in Thailand and how their fate was changed when logging was banned. They will also go through many amazing facts about these animals, such as the gestation period for pregnant elephants being around 22 months.

Feeding The Hungry Herd

Something else you will get to do is feed the hungry elephants, who like to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. They can be surprisingly gentle when you are feeding them, but you do also need to be careful as they are powerful animals. Their trunks are highly dextrous, and they can use them to peel a banana before eating it, although some of them eat the peel as well.

Watching Them Play

You will also get to observe the elephants and watch them playing in their family groups which can be highly entertaining, especially when there are younger elephants. You can watch them playing in the mud and taking a mud bath, and chasing each other around their enclosure.

The Highlight Of The T|rip

For many people, the highlight of visiting one of these elephant conservation centres is when you get to bathe the elephants in a river or streak, which is something they love. You can use a brush to scrub them and clean their skin, and it is something they enjoy doing.

There are also parks where you can stay overnight and get even more contact with the herd of elephants, but not all parks offer this. Select your elephant park carefully and ensure you choose one of the ones that treat their animals ethically and ensure they can live their lives comfortably.

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